Ever thought about why so much light has been shed of steering away from restrictive diets and rather focus on ‘nutrient density’?

Well here we want to address those niggling thoughts as well as explain what nutrient density means and give you a few suggestions of how you can achieve this. If you struggle for time or are constantly travelling for work (lucky you!) well you can and must reach out for a few key products to give you that boost.

Nourishing ourselves with ‘superfoods’ as we refer to them, have now more than ever become important to help support the challenges that come with living in a fast paced world. Nutrient dense foods are sometimes referred to as ‘superfoods’ because their benefits are far reaching, they have powerful nutritional capacities which help support our optimal wellness, vitality and of course longevity. Ancient cultural traditions have prized the healing wisdom of many of these foods for centuries.


Yes greens are incredibly nutrient dense and some more than others. They will have good amounts of Vitamin K, iron, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. They help our liver’s natural cleansing abilities which help us eliminate the toxins we are surrounded with on a daily basis. Particular ones like Kale and Broccoli are great forms of superfoods and easily found in your local farmer’s market or supermarket. Steam or quickly stir fry or simply have as salads raw to maintain their nutrients. Ultimately greens such as forms of algae or cereal grasses such as Spirulina and Wheat grass or Barley Grass can really support those deficient in key nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin A and K. Our circulation benefits from this as well through a boost in the oxygenation of our red blood cells which in turns supports our energy levels.

Did you know that you can even consume those beautiful greens in a protein bar! We simplify it all for you.

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But if you still want to consume them individually or combined in a powdered form, added to your favourite drink. Try one of the following.

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Also referred to legumes, beans have increased in popularity over the years especially in vegetarians and vegans diets. However mighty beans whatever their colour or shape, are so nutritious that they ought to be consumed regularly with good amounts of macronutrients like protein, and fibre but also natural compounds they contain can help keep our cholesterol levels at bay and our hearts healthy. Fibre is also an element that helps us maintain a healthy gut microflora, an important element of health to support a healthy mind, mood and digestion and immune system amongst other benefits.


Seeds are so versatile, yet tiny and can be sprinkled or combined with savoury and sweet dishes. Chia and Flax seeds, Hemp seeds, Pumpkin kernels, Sesame seeds or Bitter Apricot kernels (if you are ready to have a punchy flavour) are just to name a few of our favourites. Each variety comes with its own powerhouse of nutritional benefits and complements a nutrient dense diet. They are often elements of different cuisines as well from around the world, so be adventurous and have some daily. They can be a great source of essential fatty acids (omega 3), calcium, iron, protein, fibre, magnesium and zinc. Bitter apricot kernels in particular contain amygdalin (vitamin B17). Read about those and fire away your questions to our nutritionists!We are here to help.

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Sprouted seeds can offer the nutritional benefits all while supporting the digestion and a greater absorption of the nutrients. Sprouting allows a reduction of naturally present anti-nutritive compounds such as phytic acid as well as levels of enzyme inhibitors to be reduced.

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Fruits and a variety of them are essential elements of a rainbow diet. Berries in particular are great by providing vitamins and minerals while keeping our blood sugar levels low. Maqui berries are packed with antioxidants which can protect us from the harmful ‘radicals’ we are surrounded with. Free radicals may come through pollution, stress, non-organic food, pesticides amongst other things They are the drivers to the ageing process and can impact on our absorption and balance of nutrients overall, even if we do eat a diet packed full of veggies and fruits. Great source of Vitamin C which helps support our collagen production (important for our bones, joints and skin elasticity), support our immune system and healing process. Maqui berries also contain unusually high levels of anthocyanins known as delphinidins which have shown to have a role in lowering inflammation.

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Start off with the above suggestions and keep us to date as to your steps to a nutrient dense lifestyle