Balestra & Mech

Founded in 1911, Balestra and Mech is a historical trademark forming part of the Italian family owned company, Gianluca Mesh S.p.A. Embracing a 500-year long tradition, the company puts great emphasis in making products with a synthesis approach from the herbalist tradition and scientific evolution.

They are strong believers of entrusting their ‘self-care’ to health professionals such as pharmacists and herbalists amongst others, in finding customised solutions to specific problems around which individuals become the top priority to safeguard. In other words, they encourage individuals to be under professionals’ care and make quality choices.

Decottopia® is a special galenic formula created to bring together over 10 plants in synergistic combinations without the use of alcohol, sugar or preservatives. Today, Decottopia® is still used and adapted to many of the company’s products.

Adopting Balestra and Mech’s products, means inheriting a natural attitude towards prevention of the many health concerns and diseases we are exposed to. The philosophy of the brand entails effective, satisfying and durable results when used in conjunction with a healthier attitude and lifestyle along with the right dietary choices.

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