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Fuel and energize your day with Natural Traditions Focus Fuel Coffee! A potent blend of superfood lion’s mane mushroom, brain-boosting botanical extracts of gotu kola and brahmi, ketogenic MCTs and plant-based omegas. Just add hot water for a delicious and creamy, non-dairy, instant blend made with coconut milk powder and organic arabica Brazilian coffee. Are you ready to get focused?

Natural Traditions Focus Fuel Coffee is an instant coffee blend with lion's mane mushroom, adaptogens, c8 MCT and plant-based omegas. This instant coffee blend is dairy-free, made with Organic Traditions signature coconut milk powder, just add hot water to enjoy an energizing, brain-nourishing cuppa, designed to support focus, memory and creativity! 

Focus Fuel Coffee is vegan, keto-friendly and 100% natural ingredients. Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom has been traditionally used to support cognitive function, also known for its active compounds; beta glucans, it has been a revered food for thousands of years. The organic botanical blend, Brahmi and Gotu Kola have been traditionally known for their adaptogen properties. Focus Fuel Coffee also contains C8 MCT (C8Vantage™), the most ketogenic medium chain fatty acids, making it a powerful source of fuel for your brain. In addition, Ahiflower Seed Oil provides the nourishment of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, at an ideal ratio of 4:1 omega 3 to omega 6. Acacia prebiotic fibre is added to support gut health and the gut-brain axis. Gently sweetened with coconut palm sugar with vanilla and spices. Are you ready to get focused?

Organic Traditions are committed to supporting farmers who are dedicated to the principles of sustainable agriculture and fair trade. With traditional superfoods of many indigenous cultures from around the world, Organic Traditions provides certified organic herbs, superfruits and seeds, healthy essential fats and low-glycaemic natural sweeteners as well as probiotic smoothie mixes, herbal smoothie boosters, antioxidant rich fruit powders, drink mixes, detoxifying greens, cereals and blends in order to provide every nutritional cornerstone to help you live the healthiest and most vibrant lifestyle.

• Instant Mushroom Coffee Blend 
• Dairy Free, Made with Coconut Milk
• Energizing, Brain-Nourishing Formula
• Adaptogens
• C8 MCTs 2000 mg
• Plant-Based Omegas 
• Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom
• Organic Brahmi Herbal Extract
• Supports Focus & Energy
• Organic Arabica Brazilian Coffee
• Organic Prebiotics
• Just add water
• Keto
• Vegan

Combine 1 ½ tablespoons with 180ml – 240ml of hot water, blend and enjoy! Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration not required.

Coconut Milk Powder* (41.15%), Instant Coff¬ee* (21.56%), C8 MCT Powder (C8Vantage™)(14.3%), Coconut Palm Sugar* (7%), Ahiflower Seed Oil Powder (5.6%), Acacia Fibre Gum* (5%), Lion’s Mane Extract Powder* (1.79%), Cinnamon Extract* (1%), Vanilla Flavour* (0.8%), Brahmi Extract* (Bacopa monnieri)(0.7%), Gotu Kola Extract* (Centella asiatica)(0.7%), Sea Salt(0.4%) * Organic ingredients 

Produced in a peanut-free, soy-free facility that packages other tree nuts (almonds, cashews and hazelnuts). 

Nutrition Information: 
Typical values Per 100g Per 14g portion % RI* RI* for an avg adult 
Energy 2295 kJ 320 kJ 8400 kj 
550 kcal 77 kcal 4% 2000 kcal 
Fat 40 g 6 g 8% 70 g 
of which: 
-Saturates 35 g 5 g 25% 20 g 
- Polyunsaturated 3 g 0.4 g 
- Omega 3 fatty acids 1.8 g 0.3 g 
Carbohydrate 39 g 5 g 2% 260 g 
of which sugars 10 g 1 g 2% 90 g 
Fibre 6.6 g 1 g 
Protein 6.8 g 1 g 2% 50 g 
Salt 260 mg 29 mg 0.5% 6 g 

& minerals Per 100g %NRVs ** Per 14g portion % NRVs ** 
Calcium 120 mg 15% 17 mg 2% 
Iron 2 mg 13% 0.22 mg 2% 
Potassium 872 mg 44% 122 mg 6% 
Magnesium 86 mg 23% 12.1 mg 3% 
Vitamin C 78 mg 98% 11 mg 14% 
* Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal) 
** Nutrient Reference Values 

Allergy Information: Produced in a peanut-free, soy-free facility that packages other tree nuts (almonds, cashews and hazelnuts). Contains Caffeine.
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