Dual-Sided Reusable Face Cloth - 8x Unit Clip Strip 1unit

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TS Dual-Sided Reusable Face Cloth - 8x Unit Clip Strip


Your plastic-free, unbleached, washable, durable alternative to single use wipes and synthetic fibre cloths! Dual-sided for fast & effective cleansing, makeup removal or exfoliation. Made from 70% hemp and 30% cotton and free from plastic/nylon/polyester stitching so it's the compostable, totally natural choice.

For makeup removal or your daily cleansing routine rinse cloth with warm water and add a dash of your favourite cleanser. After use rinse cloth well with warm water, squeeze to remove excess and hang to dry.
70% hemp with 30% cotton with cotton thread.
Machine wash (without fabric softener) at 30 degrees before first use then weekly. There will be some shrinkage after the first wash. Do not wash at higher temperatures, it's bad for the fibres and the environment!
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